We are Engineers
& Innovators

Zestar was founded in February 2016 as a global technology services and platform company, catering to the IT industry. Today, it's developed more than 20 own products. With a vision for any business and connecting great technology with those entrepreneurs, it has launched more than 20 products in a market. Products are totally developed with according to vision that is for every business and IT industry to grow up in their market. We want to see that world where every person can work easily with the help of technology that we feel proud to work on.

Zestar was founded by a team of graduates. Building innovative products with new ideas for those who are really wanted to grow up marketing, we kept this in mind.

Founded in Feb 2016, Zestar is a product oriented company. Today Zestar has developed more than 20 own Products.

The Zestar family, as Zestar is product oriented & innovative we have best team now and will always try to find new talented person who can really respect our vision.

In 2016, Zestar has developed many new marketing tools for IT industry to generate leads, to find global clients, to reach clients. As well as Zestar has launched new tools for software or web developers, designers to complete projects easily.

Zestar is going to launch very innovative and useful products in future to chase their vision and get succeed in their mission and we will not stop inventing.