High Technology
Expert Team
100% Product
India's Fastest-Growing Internet Technology Company
 •  Developed 20+ own Internet products.
 •  Provide 50+ different services
 •  Engaged with 150+ customers
Branding Acceleration is our expertise that ensures success in business for our clients.
Zestar's high technology driven platform
helps clients grow up in their business by up to 30%
Zestar works with various skilled professionals
to provide quality services. We work together to deliver complete product. We work hard to success launch of products.

Zestar's strategic sales & marketing automation platform helps
clients increase their existence in business by up to 50%
With the help of Zestar's professional and quality work platform,
Clients are able to work in easy and better way for their customers.
We give quality assurance in every product.
We make product 100% complete and until then we work limitless
Our products
for freelancers or small and medium enterprises
Complete software for placement management
for the HR & recruitment team

What is Placementic?

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About Us, Our Vision
Founded in 2015, Zestar is a product oriented company. Today Zestar has developed more
than 20 own products

We have developed more than 20 own Internet products and 100+ happy clients
Zestar always keep inventing and producing will always think about innovations
& we will not stop inventing.

Our vision is to connect every businesses with great technologies. We will always see to produce something new with the help of latest technologies.

The lead capture & tracking platform that Amura first established in 2010 has today evolved into a complete marketing and sales automation platform. It has also delivered a complete end-to-end real estate buying platform - one with several marketing tools, inventory selection, an assisted buying platform, audience profiling & segmentation for better leads and more.

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Brand engagement Engineered

Amura helped us strategize and execute an omni-channel engagement plan across all digital platforms for our student audience.

This included an interactive website, 24x7 live chat and tailored messaging which helped us engage each student profile at each stage of their career-planning journey for more enquiries and better brand engagement. With Amura's help, we were able to take our brand to students and introduce them to life at DSK Supinfocom.

ROI Engineered

With the help of Amura's marketing & sales automation platform, we are able to reach the right audience and optimize ad spends by 30%.

Amura's precise audience profiling, segmentation and targeted has consistently kept our Cost Per Lead at a industry low, in turn lowering our Cost Per Conversion.

Growth Engineered

Amura helped us achieve increased growth in terms of global reach, precise targeting and increased qualified leads with its guerilla marketing.

We were able to move demand away from our largest competitors and achieve revenue objectives with optimum spends. Amura's campaign took us across three continents reaching over 50 companies using different platforms.